Reading Reflection


Who Could That Be At This Hour? By Lemony Snicket    Date: 20/2/2018

The problem of this story is that a statue got stolen


Lemony went to get the statue back and exited through a window. He was climbing across a line then dropped down into the trees. He met a girl and they started talking about the statue. Later the officers of the town came and searched the house for the statue. They all got in a car and drove off.

I was intrigued to read more.

BTN reflection


BTN reflection on Democracy.


  • Red- Facts
  • Blue- Questions
  • Pink- Understandings

In Greece they had an idea to let people vote on issues, but they didn’t let women, slaves or poor people vote. As time moved on more rulers took over and Democracy sort of died out for a while. By the middle ages King and Queens ruled and no one got a say. That is when an important document called Magna Carter came in and Democracy started up again.

Country’s like Saudi Arabia and Cutter are an absolute monarchy which means someone who was born in a royal family has complete control of a country and laws are made by someone or a family.

Country’s like North Korea and Zimbabwe use Dictatorship(which is a bit like an absolute monarchy but they aren’t usually royal). Dictatorship means someone takes control of a country by force.


In Greece why weren’t women, poor people and slaves allowed to vote?

How many people have signed the Magna Carter to agree to let people have a say?

What year did Democracy start?


I now understand that Democracy is very important and that everyone is allowed a say. 

I now understand that the Magna Carter was a very important document that helped start Democracy up again and let people have a say.





100 Word Challenge #3


I was walking through a park when all of a sudden I heard a noise, it sounded like this BoomBoom BoomBoom. I looked in the direction of the sound and saw 900 million twig men. They were armed with cat-o-9 tails and spears. “Not again” I groaned. This wasn’t the first time I had run into twig men. Two years ago I had ran into them and they got one whip with the cat’o’9 tail. It was painful. Last year a group of twig fighters came here two destroy the twigs, the twig men scattered but now they have returned. All of a sudden the twig fighters came along and cleared the of twig men. We were safe.

What Happened Here #5


” AAARRRR!” I screamed as I fell through the trapdoor in the ground. When I landed a pair a strong hands grabbed me and dragged me down a corridor.

” Where are you taking me” I yelled as he dragged me into a dark room.

” I am going to kill you” the mysterious person growled. ” Why?” I replied.

” Because you know too much” was the nasty reply. I was really nervous about what was going to happen.

Suddenly I had a thought. I could hit him and run away. So I kicked him in the face and ran off. When I got out I suddenly got pulled into the drains.

” Help me!” I yelled. Soon I fell unconscious.

What Happened Here #3


I wake up from my unconsciousness and yelled” What do you want with me!” as the police dragged me into an old abandoned factory. These men weren’t actually real police, they were evil masterminds looking for victims to torture. ” My me! HELP ME! HELP ME!” I screamed in protest. All of a sudden the evil masterminds (Fake police) slowly fell to the floor.

Read on to find out how this happened…

While I was screaming, my friends heard me and ran to the factory. They found some knives and threw them at the fake police.

I was safe.

All of a sudden the chair I was sitting in got pulled down into the ground. ” Save meeeeee!” I cried as I fell.

Comment down below and try to guess whats going to happen next.

100 Word Challenge #2


Zoom all the cars sped round the track. I was driving a red formula racing car and zooming round the corners. Everyone was chanting my name as I sped round the track. “Callum! Callum! Callum!” went the crowd. As I rounded the corners I neared the finish. I was moving so fast when¬†all of a sudden my brakes backfired and my car did a 360 turn and tilted and ended up on the roof. The crowd gasped. The other cars came zooming past and crashed into my car and soon all the cars were smashed. Most of the drivers got badly injured.

What Happened Here #1


“NOOOOO!” I screamed as my friend slowly fell to the floor. The blood was trickling off my friends leg were he was mysteriously hit. It looked like a slow painful death. If your like me your probably wondering how this has happened.

Read on to find out…

It was an ordinary day  I was just walking around and met this strange man. He said he would murder a friend or two of mine. It was freaky. Later on I was at a friends and they mysteriously died. Outside I saw that freaky man I met earlier laughing. I started chasing him, he ran into a dark ally and mysteriously disappeared.

Comment down below and try guess whats going to happen next.

The Start of 2018


This year I have decided to stop attack of the cheese hamburger monster series. I am going to start writing murder mystery stories. The series is going to be called What Happened Here? You have to comment and guess whats going to happen next. My friend Hamish will also be doing these stories go check out his blog HERE

Also I will continue Callum’s Dessert Recipes, along with The Joke Show and also Funny News.