100 word challenge#7

 “I dare you to run into the wall” cried my friend Charlie. We were playing truth or dare and I picked dare. “OK!” I yelled back. I turned to the wall and darted forward. Suddenly my tummy flipped and I felt sick. I opened my eyes minutes later and gasped. I wasn’t where I used […]

100 word challenge#6

“Yes!” I cried as I reached out to grab the burger. “You have to pay for that,” the lady serving me said. Luckily I had the right amount to pay for the burger. I shoved the burger in the bag and ran 999999,999999 km home. I shoved a harness and a lead on my dog […]

100 word challenge#5

…Wide Orange Crocodile Within Collapsed…   The crocodiles small, black beady eyes watched for something to eat. The crocodile was wide and orange and hadn’t eaten all week. It was starving! The wide orange crocodile swam around and saw some humans swimming in it’s territory. He swam up but the humans spotted it and swam […]

100 word challenge#4

…the dog ate it…   “CRUNCH! CRUNCH!” went my dog Tim. “Tim, what did you eat this time,” I cried to my dog. My dog has a habit of things that he wasn’t supposed to eat, like the keys for example. I looked at my desk to do my homework but it wasn’t there. I […]

100 word challenge#3

Packing for the holidays…   “YAY! we are going on holidays” I screamed jumping out of bed. “T-shirt check, hat check, pyjamas check, suitcase check,” I cried making sure I had everything I needed. After are long drive in the taxi we finally made it to the airport. We thanked the taxi driver and got […]

100 word challenge#2

…the slime dripped through…   I was walking through the dense forest, sweat dripped down my face and the squishy mud squelched under my feet. “BANG!BANG!BANG!” a loud noise echoed through the forest. I suddenly looked up and saw something slimy hanging from the branches. I started walking on, and saw the slimy thing following […]


It was a cold and windy night, I looked out my window and I saw a bright light. I crept out and got hit with a blasting cold crazy wind, I saw something wearing a tuxedo with a tail. I slowly followed the crazy thing. Soon it stopped in front of a building that was […]