“Sit still guys we are almost there,” shouted their dad. in the back seat two children named Jack and John sat on either side of their dog jock.

When they got out of the car, their dad passed them the keys and went to the bathroom.

“Look  over there, an adventure park!” yelled Jack. They ran over and into the park.

There were water slides and roller coasters.

“We should ask dad first,” cried John

“Which way did we come from?” questioned Jack. they walked around but didn’t see anything.

Then suddenly the keys slipped out of the pocket and into the dogs mouth.

Jack cried “Where are the keys gone!” patting his pockets.

“Maybe Jock ate them,” suggested John.

They hurried out of the park and eventually found their dad.

“Do you have a knife?” cried Jack.

“Yes! why?” replied their dad.
“Jock ate the keys,” explained John.

They cut open Jocks tummy and found the keys. They stitched him back together.

They opened the car and drove safely home.


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