100 word challenge#2

…the slime dripped through…


I was walking through the dense forest, sweat dripped down my face and the squishy mud squelched under my feet.

“BANG!BANG!BANG!” a loud noise echoed through the forest. I suddenly looked up and saw something slimy hanging from the branches. I started walking on, and saw the slimy thing following me. I ran as fast as I could but no matter how fast I ran the slimy thing was always following me.

Soon I stopped for a rest and I lay down.


Five hours later…

I finally woke up five hours later with the slime on my face.

  1. Callum the slime dripped through 100 word challenge is so good i loved it and i also love that you put a cliff hanger at the end i enjoyed your discribing and word choice you used in your story and i think you sould continue making hundred word challenges.
    From Emily v your class mate.

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