100 word challenge#12


I was walking in the park with my dogs. The weather was calm, peaceful and breezy. My dogs loved going on lots of walks. I give my dogs walks everyday if the weather was nice. Anyway back to the park. It was lovely day to go walking but then the weather changed dramatically. “Crash!Crash!Crash!” went the sudden lightning. The dogs got so frightened the they jumped into my arms. Luckily I had an umbrella and it kept us dry. I started to go home when suddenly the lightning struck my umbrella and it broke. We went home in the bad weather and got in the house soaking.Image result for rain and lightning gifs

100 word challenge#11


I came home with my prize egg I had won, then I had lunch.

I was having my lunch like usual when suddenly “crack!” I heard something smash in the kitchen. I rushed up the stairs and into the kitchen. “ruff! ruff! ruff!” went my dog Evie. I stared at the ground and saw my prize chocolate egg. I picked it up and felt a pinch on my finger. I looked down and saw tiny little work men. They had a tiny tool box which they were trying to fix the chocolate egg. I put the egg back but the tiny men haunted me for life.

100 word challenge#10


          I was going to a cub camp with my friend John. He has been my friend for years. Even though we went on holidays and we missed each other.

Now back to my cub camp.

We both had heaps of badges including: science, pets, cooking. We finally arrived after a long bus ride. I was exhausted when I got off. When we got to our cabins I fell face onto my bed.

our first activity was treetop climbing. I got my harness and started climbing. I didn’t realize that my harness was lose. I slipped and started plummeting to the ground and broke both my legs.



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100 word challenge


Image result for water gifsI was walking around my school yard when I saw a pipe from the 1900’s!

I ran to my friends Charlie, Anika and Hamish and I yelled “Come with me I have found an amazing old pipe!”. I showed them the pipe and they were amazed. I saw a button on the pipe and I reached out to touch it.

“Don’t touch the button it might be dangerous!” yelled my Charlie. I still touched the button. Suddenly water shot out of the pipe at full speed. The water just kept gushing out. I tried to stop it but it didn’t work. It soon flooded the whole school.


100 word challenge#8


… in the flash of lightning I saw …Related image

I was walking in the park and suddenly a flash of lightning crashed down on the power box and all the lights went out.

Another flash of lightning struck and I saw a knight with a sharp blade. I kicked him in the head and ran for my life. I saw the knight chasing me. I turned quickly and kicked the knight in the stomach and kept on running. The knight slowly got up and started to give chase again.

I saw some bins and hid behind them. The knight ran past and was never seen again.