Funny News

                           BREAKING NEWS              A DOG WITH GLASSES DOES A DAB!!!! ” It was a surprising event to see my dog dab” said Callum the owner of the dog. His friend Anika also saw this strange scene. ” […]

Funny News

                         BREAKING NEWS                 A BABY STARTS TALKING “goo goo gaga mummy” cries a boy baby. “I can talk” the boy baby cried again. The mother said (crying) ” It’s the first time he has talked”. The […]


Breaking news a dog dresses up as Santa and drops off sausages to all of the dogs in the neighbourhood “I saw what happened,” said Mr Bentley ” I saw this Santa outfit with a sack, then he turned around and I saw it was  dog. Mr Bentley wasn’t the only one to see this […]

100 word challenge#13

“YAY! Today I finally get to go to Tasmania to choose a puppy” I shouted grabbing a suitcase. I shoved t-shirts, shorts, hats, bathers, jackets, dog toys, shoes, toothbrush, toothpaste, teddy and some other stuff. We ran out to the plane and jumped on. When we arrived we went to the pet shop for me […]