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             A DOG WITH GLASSES DOES A DAB!!!!

” It was a surprising event to see my dog dab” said Callum the owner of the dog. His friend Anika also saw this strange scene. ” I have never seen a dog dab before in my life” exclaimed Anika. I was just playing in the park with my friends Anika, Charlie and Hamish. ” It was the strangest thing in my life” cried Hamish. I was giving my dog a walk with my friends. A tennis ball flew over his head and almost skinned it. Then the strangest thing happens my dog stood up on two legs, put on some glasses and dabbed. It  was so funny.


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Funny News


                         BREAKING NEWS

                A BABY STARTS TALKING

“goo goo gaga mummy” cries a boy baby. “I can talk” the boy baby cried again. The mother said (crying) ” It’s the first time he has talked”. The father said(also crying) ” We are so proud of him”.  His aunties and uncles said(yep you guessed it they were crying) ” We are proud of our little nephew”.  The neighbours Mr Ketchup, Miss Potato and Mr KooKoo  saw through the window at the miracle of the baby talking. Mr ketchup said ” It was a miracle to see our neighbour talk for the first time”. Miss Potato cried ” I never saw a baby talk in our own neighbourhood”. Mr KooKoo said ” It was an exciting moment to see the baby”.


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Breaking news a dog dresses up as Santa and drops off sausages to all of the dogs in the neighbourhood

“I saw what happened,” said Mr Bentley ” I saw this Santa outfit with a sack, then he turned around and I saw it was  dog. Mr Bentley wasn’t the only one to see this funny scenario. Miss Ebony, Mr Frankie, Mr T, Mr Cooper also saw this strange dog. ” It was like a Manchester terrier crossed with a sausage dog,” explained Mr Frankie. It also appeared it had a bag full of sausages and was delivering them.

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100 word challenge#13

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“YAY! Today I finally get to go to Tasmania to choose a puppy” I shouted grabbing a suitcase. I shoved t-shirts, shorts, hats, bathers, jackets, dog toys, shoes, toothbrush, toothpaste, teddy and some other stuff. We ran out to the plane and jumped on. When we arrived we went to the pet shop for me to choose a dog. There were so many dogs to choose from. I went to the Manchester terrier part and saw loads. I chose the most fluffy, adorable and energetic puppy. I said ” Now what do I need?” I completely forgot to bring a dog toy.