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   Welcome all to the one and only Joke Show!

Q: How do skeletons call their friends?

A: On the tellebone

Q: How did the cow cross the playground?

A: By moooving

 Knock Knock

Who’s There


Europe who (EuraPoo)

Your so rude


Q: What do you get when you cross a square and a circle?

A: a sqarecle


Q: What dance steps do cows do on the moon?

A: The moooon walk


Q: Why did the banana go to the docter?

A: Because it wasn’t peeling well


Q: Why did the toilet roll roll down the hill?

A: To get to the bottom


Q: What did the duck say to the human?

A: Do you have any quackers


Q: What do you call a dinosaur with sore feet?

A: My feetaresarus


Q: What do get when you cross a vampire and a snowman?

A: A frostbite



That’s All!

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