5 Sentence Challenge #3

…Packing for the holiday… ” Yes we’re going on a holiday today” I yelled jumping out of bed with a huge grin on my face. I have to pack these things for the holiday: T-shirts, Shorts, Hats, Camera, Binoculars, bathers, goggles and undies. I will bring lots of things to do because we’ve got to catch an […]

5 Sentence Challenge #2

I stared out the window to the snow caped town. ” Yes! Tomorrow is Christmas” I jelled with joy. I ran outside and started having snowball fights with my friends. Then I had to go out and buy cookies and milk for Santa and presents for the upcoming day. Then I went to bed and […]

100 Word Challenge

SMASH! the door to the tiger enclosure fell down and the tiger slunk out. Every one ran to the entrance but what the didn’t know was that there were two tigers. The people tried to go out but the tigers were blocking our escape. We were trapped in the Zoo with tigers blocking the gate. Everybody was […]