BTN Reflection #3

            BTN Reflection on Voting Age                       Click HERE to see the video Green- Summary Auqua- Facts Purple- Questions Pink- Understandings     This BTN was about Australia wanted to be able to vote at the age of 16 but […]

SRC Application

My name is Callum and I think I would make a good SRC rep because I like working in a team to help make places better. I show respect to others by helping others, make sure everybody is okay. I care for others if they are stuck on something and if they are upset about […]

Reading Reflection

Who Could That Be At This Hour? By Lemony Snicket    Date: 20/2/2018 The problem of this story is that a statue got stolen   Lemony went to get the statue back and exited through a window. He was climbing across a line then dropped down into the trees. He met a girl and they started […]

BTN reflection #1

BTN reflection on Democracy. KEY: Red- Facts Blue- Questions Pink- Understandings In Greece they had an idea to let people vote on issues, but they didn’t let women, slaves or poor people vote. As time moved on more rulers took over and Democracy sort of died out for a while. By the middle ages King […]

100 Word Challenge #3

I was walking through a park when all of a sudden I heard a noise, it sounded like this BoomBoom BoomBoom. I looked in the direction of the sound and saw 900 million twig men. They were armed with cat-o-9 tails and spears. “Not again” I groaned. This wasn’t the first time I had run […]

What Happened Here #5

” AAARRRR!” I screamed as I fell through the trapdoor in the ground. When I landed a pair a strong hands grabbed me and dragged me down a corridor. ” Where are you taking me” I yelled as he dragged me into a dark room. ” I am going to kill you” the mysterious person […]

What Happened Here #3

I wake up from my unconsciousness and yelled” What do you want with me!” as the police dragged me into an old abandoned factory. These men weren’t actually real police, they were evil masterminds looking for victims to torture. ” My me! HELP ME! HELP ME!” I screamed in protest. All of a sudden the […]