SRC Application

My name is Callum and I think I would make a good SRC rep because I like working in a team to help make places better. I show respect to others by helping others, make sure everybody is okay.

I care for others if they are stuck on something and if they are upset about something. I will always motivate other people and not use put-downs.

I will make sure everyone gets a say and no one feels left out because everyone has a good idea and deserves to share their ideas. I really want to take on a big leadership role and help out. I will let you know some of the upcoming events that have been decided at meetings. I will ask for some of your ideas and take that information and share it at the meetings. I will make sure that I don’t be late or miss any meetings.

Here are some things that I would like to do for the school:

  1. I would like to add a Footy sessionšŸˆ, you go along and get taught how to play footy.
  2. SUSHI DAY!šŸ£Ā We will have someone come in and teach us how to make sushi. We will go one class at a time. šŸ™‚
  3. At a Fete, we could add a dunk tank, where you have to donate money and try to hit a target and dunk the teachers.
  4. A talent show where people who want to do it, donate money and have a week or two to prepare something to share at an assembly.
  5. Water DayšŸ’§, you have to bring in a bottleĀ of water and we will send it to countriesĀ who need fresh water.

Hope you like some of the ideas I have written above.

Some of the money will go to countriesĀ that have had a recent disasterĀ that has happened and need to rebuild the town/city. Some of the money will go to poor countriesĀ so that they can get fresh water and food.

So that is why I think I would be good SRC representative for 2018.

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