BTN Reflection #2

BTN Reflection On The Ring Of Fire

Red- Facts

Blue- Questions                                                                           

Green- Understandings


On September 29, 2009, Somoa was hit by a huge earthquake that caused a tsunami.

One day later 30, 2009, Sumatra was hit by an earthquake. Thousands died and lots got injured.

The countries are about 10k away from each other so it is unlikely that the earthquake in Somoa caused the earthquake in Sumatra. The timing was just coincidence. The two earthquakes were this area called the ring of fire.    Image result for ring of fire

The ring of fire is where most earthquakes occur and it is home to 3 quarters of the world’s volcanos. 

You would think the ground is rock solid right. Well, its not. If you go down far enough you would reach the hot molten rock. The thin layer that we live on is called the crust and it is not one solid piece. It is made up of these things called tectonic plates.

Over time scientists think that the tectonic plates have changed the shape of the continents. The tectonic plates move about as fast as your fingernail so you cant really tell that they are moving so no need to worry. You can see the impact they cause. Some mountains are formed by tectonic plates.

When was the ring of fire discovered?

Why is it called the ring of fire?

How many countries are in the ring of fire?

What causes the ring of fire?


I now understand that the ring of fire is a dangerous place to the countries that live there because that is where a lot of volcanoes and earthquakes are.

I understand it must be hard for countries that live there to try to either fix the town or make the buildings stronger sow they cant be as damaged.

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