BTN Reflection #3

            BTN Reflection on Voting Age

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Green- Summary

Auqua- Facts

Purple- Questions

Pink- Understandings



This BTN was about Australia wanted to be able to vote at the age of 16 but some thought that people at the age of 16 were not ready.

  1. Bill Shorten wanted the kids at the age of 16 be able to have a say about who runs the country.
  2. Some people didn’t think people at the age weren’t ready to make a decision about who runs the country.
  3. Schools are starting to teach kids about politics so they are ready for when they have to vote.
  4. In a federal vote, 400,000 people at the age of 18-24 didn’t vote which is illegal.

Why do they want to let kids at the age of 16 to vote?

How is it helpful to have people the age of 16 to have a say by voting?

I now understand that it is important to vote and it is illegal to not vote if you are 18 or older.

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