100 Word Challenge

This week my goal is to use some juicy words. I was walking through the lush green forest with my explorer friends. We were on a mission to find a creature that most people thought it was just a mythical creature. We trekked further into the forest and it slowly got dimmer and dimmer as we […]

New Blog

Hey everyone! Hope you like the changes that I have made to my blog. I will soon start adding posts about my holidays. There will be quite a few pictures to go along with the post. Hope you like them. 🙂  😉

BTN Reflection #4

BTN Reflection on The Levels Of Government.                             Click HERE to see the video. This BTN reflection was about the 3 levels of government. Red- Facts Orange- Questions Blue- Understandings   The 3 levels of government are Federal, State and Local. The Federal […]

Letter to parents- Government

Dear Mum and Dad, Some things I now know about the Australian government are: There are three levels of government, they are Federal, State/Territory and Local. A document called the constitution. The constitution is a document with the rules for our democracy written on it. It was created on the 1st of January 1901. An […]