Letter to parents- Government

Dear Mum and Dad,

Some things I now know about the Australian government are:

  • There are three levels of government, they are Federal, State/Territory and Local.
  • A document called the constitution. The constitution is a document with the rules for our democracy written on it. It was created on the 1st of January 1901.
  • An activity we did was we had to try and answer some questions, here are mine:


What does ‘system of government’ mean?


What our pair thinks: Some rules that the governments follow.


What our class thinks: How it works, What the government does, Running a country, Type of government, Way country controls leadership.

E.G: Democracy, Dictatorship, Anarchy


Definition: The label and set of rules chosen by a country to run or rule over its individual citizens and groups.




What is Democracy?

What our pair thinks: A type of government that a few countries follow

What our class thinks: System we use, Citizens get a vote, Government elected, citizens get a say, Freedom of speech


The definition: Democracy means ‘rule of the people’.


There are two houses of Parliament they are:

Senate and the House of Representative


Here are some questions about what I still want to know

How do you vote?

What is the difference between Senate and the House of Representative?

How hard is it to vote?


If you can help me with any of these questions that would be great.



Callum Cahoon

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  1. Callum, I know how to vote. First, you need to be on the electoral role. This is a list of everyone in Australia who is eligible (allowed) to vote. To be eligible to vote, you need to be an Australian citizen and be aged over 18 years. On an election day, you go to a polling station to vote. A polling station is a special place set up for people to vote – often at schools. Our closest polling station is at St Joseph’s primary school. When you arrive, people at the polling station cross off your name on the electoral role (they have lots of pieces of paper with everyone’s names), and are given a sheet of paper with the names of all the candidates. You tick the box to show which person you wish to vote for, and then post the paper in the box. That’s it!

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