100 Word Challenge #30

This week my goal is to not write in first person. BREAKING NEWS!  A Rare Species Of Fruit Found In Australia! The rare fruit was found by Callum Cahoon out in the outback of Western Australia. Callum lives on a farm, one day he was collecting the eggs of his chickens and out of the corner […]

BTN #7

This week we don’t have a BTN reflection we have a news article. Click HERE to see the article. Facts- Red Questions- Blue Understandings- Green Right now there is a volcano erupting in Hawaii. It has already destroyed 26 homes. Lava fissures, which are vents or slits opened up in one area. They shoot up […]

100 Word Challenge #28

This week my goal is to make it more interesting. All is dark. Dark as the darkest dark. Then out of the blackness a fiery light. It is the tail of my friend. No one believes me when I say I have a mythical creature as a pet. It has the head of a wolf, […]

What Happened Next? #7

I came conscious again. The lights were on, there was no sign of anything and the writing on my arm was gone. How has this happened I wondered. All of a sudden I woke up. There were no lights, I felt a sharp pain in my arm, I looked down and saw the writing on my arm […]

Queensland Drought

Click HERE to see the video. Facts- Red Questions- Blue Understandings- Orange  Two kids, Angus and Lochy live in the Queensland outback. Nearly 90% of the country is in drought. They both like being in the country but they have to do chores in 40 degrees weather. Lochy’s place just got rain and Angus’s place […]