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Cape Town, in South Africa is having a drought. They are only allowed 50 liters a water a day. Washing clothes or dishes is 14 liters, a 90 second shower is 15 liters, 1 toilet flush is 9 liters, washing your hands is 3 liters, cooking is 2 liters, drinking water is 2 liters and 1 dog bowl is 1 liter. And that’s your 50 liters. If you have more than a minute and a half long shower or go to the toilet more than once then your in trouble. June the 4th will be called day zero or the day when the taps run dry. No town has had a situation where the taps run dry. If day zero does arrive many will have to go to areas to get a daily ration of just 25 liters of water. Day zero has been pushed from April to May and now June. Hopefully by day zero areas will be recovering.

What is the longest drought?

What damage can droughts cause?

I now understand that being in a drought can be severer.

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