My School Captain Speech

Hello, grade 5/6s,

My name is Callum and like many of you, I have been going to this school since prep. I am 11 years old and I have a younger sister called Isla in grade 4. I have made many great memories and lots of nice and caring friends at this school. There are a lot of things I have liked about school, like the clubs (such as chess club and movie club), playing footy and soccer on the oval, as well as my role looking after the chickens. This school, and all of you, have been great to me, and I’d love to be able to give something back by being your school captain.

Let me tell you why I think I would be a great school captain for 2019. First of all, I have excellent organization skills. Some examples are that I have lots of activities on, including swimming, scouts, taekwondo, and I’m learning two musical instruments. I have to organize how to fit in all of these activities, and also keep up with my homework. In taekwondo, I am a black belt and I needed to practice a lot and I had to take several classes a week. In the MVIMP program I play the clarinet and I have had 2 exams that I needed to practice for – at least half an hour every day. I also just recently started playing the piano outside of school. If I didn’t organize when to practice my activities I wouldn’t have achieved these goals.

I would like to now explain a bit about my communication skills. I used to be nervous talking to others but it has been something I have worked on and now I feel comfortable when I talk to others. I am confident talking to a wide range of people like other students (younger and older), strangers, and adults, and I can talk in both small groups and talk to big groups, like all of you. In school we do lots of small group work, which I have enjoyed, and I frequently have to talk in small groups at scouts to share my ideas with others. Talking in large groups used to be a huge challenge for me, but this year in our debate unit we had to create speeches and communicate them with the whole class. This went really well and I would like to expand these skills.

I love a challenge, especially when it gives me an opportunity to learn something new. I am an excellent learner because I like learning new things and I work really hard at them. Let me give you an example. In scouts, I have to learn lots of different knots. I ask questions on how to do the particular knot such as what do I do next or how do I do this and then I work hard at them and practice and practice until I can achieve the knots. Some are harder than they look! I am a great learner in class because some lessons are a little challenging or confusing but I work hard at the lesson and ask questions to get help and in the end, I get a lot out of the lesson. I also think I show a lot of perseverance, I’m able to keep working at something, even when it gets difficult. Some days I didn’t want to do my taekwondo training, but I knew I had to stick with it to get my black belt. These particular ways I learn would help me if I was school captain when I need to learn all of the different skills school captains need.



Another reason why I think I would be an amazing school captain is that I show great leadership skills. For example, sometimes there are arguments at school among students and I step in to try and resolve the problem. Another thing is that I used to be a sixer in cubs. A sixer is the leader of a group of six people. They have to help their group and make sure everyone follows the rules and listens. In taekwondo I have to help others by giving them feedback on how they can improve for next time. I have been learning how to be a leader with younger children. I need to help my buddy because he is new to the school and I am a good role model to show and tell my buddy the right things to do. I have just recently been able to walk to and from school and spend time at home without my parents. I need to take care of and make sure my sister is safe. Anyone who has a younger sibling knows just how hard it is to get them to do what you tell them – I have had to learn how to be a great leader.

Thanks for listening and I hope that you now understand why I would make an excellent school captain for 2019.

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