What Happened Next? #8

My goal is to add more juicy words.

I woke up. All I could see was darkness. I felt around and realised I was tied to a cold hard metal chair with a blindfold on.

“Where am I?” I shouted.

“Don’t worry you are safe” came a raspy whisper.

“Who are you” I replied.
The same raspy voice answered, ” You are in deep danger, I will keep you safe”. I yanked the rope then the blindfold off. I was face to face with a young man.

“What danger exactly are you talking about?” I asked. “and how are you going to keep me safe?”.

“Something or someone wants to kill you, but over the past few days, he or she has failed. It is my job to look after you and find out who is trying to kill you” said the man.

“So all the mysterious things that have happened. My friend being killed, the fake police, the killer clowns. They’re all set up to kill me. But why?” I replied.

“Yes. They were all setups to kill you. There is no obvious answer on why but me on behalf of the FBI think that there is something special about you that they can only acquire by killing you. We don’t know what is but the FBI sent me to keep you safe. Well, are you in or do you want to die?” he said.

“I’m in” I replied.

“Oh! by the way, my name’s Nick if you were wondering” Nick told me. “Let’s do this thing. Here you might need this. It has stuff that can kill almost anything and also has enough food and water to last about a year.” Nick chucked me a backpack and put his one on. ” Here is my helicopter” he showed with his hand. “Let’s go”.

We climbed the ladder and hoped on. We then flew off in the distance to find out about the case on why people are trying to kill me.

Find out what happens next time.

Comment down below on what you think is going to happen next time.

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