100 Word Challenge #43 we seemed to be on the television

Me and my friends were watching our favorite TV show. It was about a guy who looked for freaky things. suddenly there was a knock on the door. Me and my friends all got up to get the door and it was the guy from the show. We seemed to be on the television.

“How the hell did you get here?” I cried.
“I heard there were some spooky creatures in your town and they mainly happened around here,” he replied “My name’s Frank by the way”.

Frank told us about some of the freaky things that had happened. Turned out they were all hoaxes and the town was not haunted.

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  1. Hello Callum – love what you’ve written here. Great ideas and as a reader my mind is now thinking about freaky things and spooky creatures. You’ve captured my imagination. You are a champion writer!

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