100 Word Challenge #45 It was completely out of tune

Me and my friends were exploring in my basement. One of my friends tripped over and knocked a lever. It opened a secret compartment and inside was a box. We opened the box and inside was a trumpet. I found out it belonged to my great great great great grandad. We were deciding if we should play it or not and the final answer was yes. I picked it up and played a note. “Phrphh”. It was completely out of tune. We put it back in its box and took it upstairs. My dad said it was the oldest trumpet ever.

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  1. Well done Callum – great story idea. I would love to see you spend some time setting the scene – help the reader picture the basement, what smells were there. Did the floor creak? Was it dusty? I know it’s very difficult to fit much detail in 100 words. Maybe you could use the ideas in this piece as the foundation for a longer piece of writing.

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