100 Word Challenge #57 …I didn’t realise they could fly…

I was sweeping out the barn of all the dirty hay and cow dung. It was early morning so I had to collect the chicken eggs and milk the cows.

It was about 7:00 in the morning when the extraordinary thing happened. I was cleaning the barn and feeding the animals like usual when I noticed that the pigs were getting from one side to the other extremely quickly. I turned to look at the pigs and saw big wings had sprouted out of their back. I didn’t realise they could fly.           

I ran inside the house to get my dad.
“DAD! The pigs have wings,” I shout running in.
“Yeah, likely story, you do have a good imagination,” he replied.

  1. Hi Callum I love your work but you have missed out some commas and parts of your work don’t make sense but apart from that it was brilliant and humorous

    Keep up the good work:)

  2. Great concept Callum – and I love the twist of humour at the end.
    You did cover the same information twice – about cleaning out the shed. When I read the first line it was great, but then when I read the same thing in the second paragraph, it felt too repetitive. Maybe you could have changed it to describing something else to add to the piece.
    Well done.
    PS. I found it really difficult to read when on the picture background.

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