100 Word Challenge#1 Stone Murder

BREAKING NEWS 3 people found turned to stone in Moonee Ponds. ” Now over to Brad for more” ” Thanks Fred, Now viewers this murder was simple, an evil torture wizard turned 3 innocent people into stone at around 3:00 am at a nice cafe opposite the school in Moonee Ponds ” said Brad. ” […]

Move up day 100 Word Challenge

CRASH! The window of the bank fell to the floor. A mysterious black figure snuck in. He unlocked all the tough safes and stole all the very valuable objects including gold, diamonds and rubies. He ran to the window and saw all the armoured police scattering around the building so he couldn’t escape. He ran […]

100 word challenge#13

“YAY! Today I finally get to go to Tasmania to choose a puppy” I shouted grabbing a suitcase. I shoved t-shirts, shorts, hats, bathers, jackets, dog toys, shoes, toothbrush, toothpaste, teddy and some other stuff. We ran out to the plane and jumped on. When we arrived we went to the pet shop for me […]

100 word challenge#11

I came home with my prize egg I had won, then I had lunch. I was having my lunch like usual when suddenly “crack!” I heard something smash in the kitchen. I rushed up the stairs and into the kitchen. “ruff! ruff! ruff!” went my dog Evie. I stared at the ground and saw my […]

100 word challenge#10

          I was going to a cub camp with my friend John. He has been my friend for years. Even though we went on holidays and we missed each other. Now back to my cub camp. We both had heaps of badges including: science, pets, cooking. We finally arrived after a long bus ride. I […]

100 word challenge

I was walking around my school yard when I saw a pipe from the 1900’s! I ran to my friends Charlie, Anika and Hamish and I yelled “Come with me I have found an amazing old pipe!”. I showed them the pipe and they were amazed. I saw a button on the pipe and I […]

100 word challenge#7

 “I dare you to run into the wall” cried my friend Charlie. We were playing truth or dare and I picked dare. “OK!” I yelled back. I turned to the wall and darted forward. Suddenly my tummy flipped and I felt sick. I opened my eyes minutes later and gasped. I wasn’t where I used […]

100 word challenge#5

…Wide Orange Crocodile Within Collapsed…   The crocodiles small, black beady eyes watched for something to eat. The crocodile was wide and orange and hadn’t eaten all week. It was starving! The wide orange crocodile swam around and saw some humans swimming in it’s territory. He swam up but the humans spotted it and swam […]

100 word challenge#4

…the dog ate it…   “CRUNCH! CRUNCH!” went my dog Tim. “Tim, what did you eat this time,” I cried to my dog. My dog has a habit of things that he wasn’t supposed to eat, like the keys for example. I looked at my desk to do my homework but it wasn’t there. I […]