What Happened Next? #7

I came conscious again. The lights were on, there was no sign of anything and the writing on my arm was gone. How has this happened I wondered. All of a sudden I woke up. There were no lights, I felt a sharp pain in my arm, I looked down and saw the writing on my arm […]

Queensland Drought

Click HERE to see the video. Facts- Red Questions- Blue Understandings- Orange  Two kids, Angus and Lochy live in the Queensland outback. Nearly 90% of the country is in drought. They both like being in the country but they have to do chores in 40 degrees weather. Lochy’s place just got rain and Angus’s place […]

BTN #6 Ball Tampering

Click HERE to see the video. Facts: In an Australian test match, Cameron Bancroft was caught tampering with the ball. He got sandpaper to scuff up one side of the ball. He did it to create swing which is really hard for batsman. He scuffed the ball so the ball would make a reverse swing […]

What Happened Here #6

A nasty aroma filled my nose as I came conscious again. I soon realised that I was in a sewer. Thump! Thump! Thump! Footsteps echoed across the walls of the drain. I dived behind a nearby rock as the figure came closer. As it came closer I could make out some of its features, it had […]

100 Word Challenge Picture Prompt

This week my goal is to use juicy words. I was walking through the lush green forest. Everything was peaceful. It was nearly pitch black so I had to use my torch to see clearly. All of a sudden there was a noise which sounded like footsteps. Thump! Thump! Thump! I ducked behind the dark […]

BTN Reflection #5 NZ Volcano

The link to the video: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s2922956.htm   Facts: New Zealand’s volcano MT Ruapehu was located in between Auckland and Wellington.  The volcano had a huge lake in its crater so everytime it erupted there was a combination of hot ash and water which causes a mudslide. The volcano erupted every 10 years. People who ski during the snow season […]