Camp 100 Word Challenge

The last week of term we went to Canberra for Camp. I was on the bus for 10 hours. I camped at Greenhill’s conference centre. The cabins were great. We had an ensuite bathroom with 2 bunk beds. I went to Parliament, old Parliament, Questacon, War Memorial, Australian Institute of Sport(AIS) The museum and The gallery. […]

BTN #9

Click HERE to see the video Facts- Red Questions- Blue Understandings- Orange   Cape Town, in South Africa is having a drought. They are only allowed 50 liters a water a day. Washing clothes or dishes is 14 liters, a 90 second shower is 15 liters, 1 toilet flush is 9 liters, washing your hands […]

Persuasive Text

All Kids Should Play Sport Imagine a world where all kids are unfit, unhealthy and lazy. You wouldn’t want that, would you? If you follow these following reasons our world would become a healthier place. Imagine a world where all the kids are lonely because of not playing sport If your kids play a sport […]

BTN #8

This week we have another news article. click HERE to see the article. Facts- Red Questions- Blue Understandings- Green   Huge rips are starting to appear in a valley in Africa. Scientists are saying that Africa might split in to in about 50 million years with the Somali tectonic plate separating from the African plate. It […]

100 Word Challenge #30

This week my goal is to not write in first person. BREAKING NEWS!  A Rare Species Of Fruit Found In Australia! The rare fruit was found by Callum Cahoon out in the outback of Western Australia. Callum lives on a farm, one day he was collecting the eggs of his chickens and out of the corner […]