BTN Reflection #4

BTN Reflection on The Levels Of Government.

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This BTN reflection was about the 3 levels of government.

Red- Facts

Orange- Questions

Blue- Understandings


The 3 levels of government are Federal, State and Local.

The Federal takes care of the country as a whole. It has the responsibility defending the nation and deals with trades and other countries. It keeps a close eye on managing Australian money, taxes, communication and the environment.

The State and Territory government controls each of Australia’s 6 states and 2 territories. They have different responsibility’s like Health, Education, Mining and Agriculture. They also look over the police and court as well as roads and public transport.

The Local government powers may not sound as impressive there is over 500 local government across the country. They maintain local roads, deal with garbage and pets. They are in charge of local buildings and permits. 

The countries haven’t always had 3 levels of government. Back in the old days of Australia, each state was there own separate colony and governed themselves. But in 1901 the different states united.

Why were each state separate?

Why are there 3 levels of government?

I now understand that each level of government is important.

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