BTN Reflection #5 NZ Volcano

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New Zealand’s volcano MT Ruapehu was located in between Auckland and Wellington.  The volcano had a huge lake in its crater so everytime it erupted there was a combination of hot ash and water which causes a mudslide. The volcano erupted every 10 years. People who ski during the snow season ski on the volcano are at risk. If a mudslide was to occur the skiers would have 90 seconds to escape or they would get wiped out.


How did MT Ruapehu get a lake in its crater?

When will it erupt next?

When was its last eruption?


I now understand that it is dangerous to live near a volcano. 

I now understand it is important to try to recognise when an eruption is coming and to get people away safely.

  1. Hey Callum,
    I’m curious why people would ski on an active volcano. Why do you think they take the risk? Would you?

    • I personally wouldn’t but people do it because the mountain is coverd in snow and it is a great place to ski. I think that they are crazy because one day a the volcano might just erupt and cause mayem to the skiers.

      • Do you think that perhaps people think it is unlikely that it will erupt on the very day that they happen to be skiing? If an event only happens once every ten years, does the risk start to look small?

        Or are skiers just crazy risk-taking types?!

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