100 Word Challenge Picture Prompt

This week my goal is to use juicy words.

I was walking through the lush green forest. Everything was peaceful. It was nearly pitch black so I had to use my torch to see clearly. All of a sudden there was a noise which sounded like footsteps. Thump! Thump! Thump! I ducked behind the dark bushes in horror. I slowly looked up and saw a whole herd of giants walking past. There were about 10 or 20. I swiped out my camera and took a picture. I ran back to town, went the museum and proved that giants were real. Soon I became famous and ended up rich.



  1. Callum,
    this is an awesome response to the prompt! I particularly like the way you have been working on the goal you chose. Your verbs and adjectives really bring the writing to life.
    Well done.

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