What Happened Here #6

A nasty aroma filled my nose as I came conscious again. I soon realised that I was in a sewer. Thump! Thump! Thump! Footsteps echoed across the walls of the drain. I dived behind a nearby rock as the figure came closer. As it came closer I could make out some of its features, it had a freaky smile, it had a scar on its right eye. At his side was an axe. I instantly knew who he was. He was PennyWise! I had to get away from there before anything bad happened. PennyWise walked off and I knew I had a chance. I scaled up a ladder to the street and I was safe.

“AARRHH!!” I shrieked as my arm started burning. I slowly looked at my arm and in blood my the words: I WILL KILL YOU.  

I ran away as fast as I could. I ran into my house screaming. All of a sudden the door slammed shut.

” Hello, Callum! Welcome to your doom!” whispered a voice out of the dark. The next thing I know I fall unconscious



Find what happens next time.

Also, comment on what you think should happen in the next one.


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  1. Wow Callum, this is a great example of fan fiction. I can tell you like writing scary stories and it’s great to see you taking some time to develop your writing passion. I wonder how you might develop the characters that see Pennywise by giving them back-stories that explain what they’re most afraid of-that way Pennywise can turn into these things….

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