100 Word Challenge #46 Picture Prompt

Me and my mum were at a toy store on a and it was a busy day. I found a great teddy bear and mum let me buy it. We walked out of the store and the street was crowded. There were loads of people and it was really loud. Mum dragged me through the crowd and in all hustle, I dropped my teddy. We got in the car and drove home. When we arrived I realized I didn’t have my teddy. I told mum and we drove back and ran through the crowd and my teddy was laying on the ground.

One Comment
  1. Wow – you were lucky the teddy bear was still there.
    Make sure you proof-read before publishing. It looks like you have rushed a bit. Re-read the first sentence and see if you can fill in the missing word. I wasn’t sure what it should be. Once again, see if you can use some “show not tell”. How did you feel when you realised you had lost the teddy. What would you say? What would you do? What would your “body language” show?

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