100 Word Challenge #52 why was that hat on the table?

I was riding home from school lugging my heavy bag on my back. I slotted my key into the door and walked in.

I saw a hat on the table.
” Mum! Why is that hat on the table?” I called out.                                                                      ” OH! I should have wrapped that before you got home” mum cried out. ” It was a birthday present”. Mum quickly hurried up and grabbed it before I could get a good look at it.

The next day…

” Happy Birthday!” my family were gathered around my bed.
I opened my first present and it was that hat I saw earlier.

  1. Well done, Callum.
    A simple story line, but you have written this really well. Great command of sentence structure, spelling and punctuation.

  2. well done Callum.
    You made a very nice storyline. I like the way you said the next day…
    You did all your spelling and grammar correct! Good job. Annie

  3. Hey callum!
    Good job on your 100wc! A nice simple story but I think it was clever.
    I loved your choice of words used to describe the events. “I slotted my key into the door”. Great job on this one!

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