100 Word Challenge #56 Picture Prompt

I was walking through the streets when I heard a strange noise above me. I looked up and saw a huge bomb falling towards earth. My instincts kicked in, I launched myself in the air and flew up to the bomb. I grabbed hold and start to fly up. All of a sudden i got tugged down. I looked down and saw my arch nemesis pulling me down by my cape. The bomb slowly started falling back down. I fought back while trying to balance the bomb on my hand. My nemesis fell and I pushed the bomb out into space.

  1. Well done, Callum. An interesting approach to this prompt. I love the line “My instincts kicked in, …”.

  2. Good job callum very nice piece I liked some parts where you used different words: my instincts kicked in. I really don’t know what you should improve on.

  3. Nice work Callum, I like the approach you took to this 100wc and I think you could make a full story out of this short paragraph!

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